How to Clean Your Sterling Jewelry

Posted by Sunwest Silver on Jul 3, 2017 2:35:00 PM

One of the things that people ask me about is liquid silver. How do you clean liquid silver? There's many things you can do. I've had people use toothpaste in the toothbrush, you just lay that down on the soft cloth, take some toothpaste, go over very lightly that kind of a very light abrasive, that's one way you can clean many types of jewelry. It gets into the crevices with the liquid silver so you can get those hard to reach spots. Another way you can do this is what I tell people is to take a cloth, a soft polishing cloth, if you've got one, I prefer this particular cloth is made for jewelry. It has a powder residue already on it and so you can take something like this for example and I don't know if you can catch this on the video but just in a very little bit of work I've already got a little bit of the yellowing that's kind of occurred on the sterling silver. It's a natural tarnishing process. You can see it's coming off on the rag. It's a great way to clean jewelry but not everybody has this particular cloth or what I could say it's got a little residue on there used to help clean it. So you can do things as simple as taking baking soda, dry, just put it on the polishing cloth and then same thing, just start working through the sterling silver like this and what I like about it is it cleanse the surface of the pieces but you're not getting in there with any chemicals to get inside the design work which has got a natural oxidation to it. They may have applied the oxidation and then polished off the surface so you get all that depth of detail. But it's a great way to clean your jewelry without how to go out and try to find yourself a polishing cloth has got this already built into it and even if you did eventually that residue does... you know you work doing is no longer on the cloth after many uses so then you can still take that same cloth and you can add the baking soda, dry. I tell everybody dry, don't add any moisture to it and it will be amazing what you can do to clean. It works with liquid silver as well and same thing I like to take the cloth, I'll take the liquid silver, stretch it out over there and just take another cloth with some baking soda and just kind of go over it very lightly through the strands. Try to do it before it gets to the point where it's as black as can be because that's a lot of people just seem to want to wear it, put it away or throw it in a box. It starts to tarnish. They don't wear it no more. You know clean it up after you're done wearing it. You go over the strands a little bit real quick, it just kind of keeps it going but don't be afraid to use baking soda. It's an amazing product for cleaning jewelry. Liquid service is one example. Another little trick I tell people that you can do is when you buy your shoes, your purses, you get those little silicone package and if you're like me or anybody else they should just throw these things away you know what do you need them for. You know you've already got your shoes right. The purpose of those is the draw moisture away from the leather. That's what that product does, works for jewelry. Moisture is just one of those things that tarnish the sterling. So I would say take those packs and save them. They don't last forever but you fill them in there with your jewelry box, you throw it in with your poly bags, it has a joy in it which happens to be another way to keep the moisture out to jewelries do is to store it in a poly bags if you want or zip on bag. But those little silicone packets will do wonderful side. Some people I've heard use chalk, another thing you can use to draw moisture away from the jewelry but the silicone package I like them. They’re not messy, really easy, everybody gets me and everything they buy why not recycle. It's just another way to do it before you end up filling in that product away. Let's get the most out of it and the amazing ability for your jewelry.

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