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Posted by Sunwest Silver on Jul 26, 2017 2:21:00 PM

Hi, my name is Kevin Gebro and I'm with Sunwest Silver in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I want to talk to you today about a mine that is in the Tonopah, Nevada area called Royston. Royston is one of those mines that probably one of the more prolific mining facilities out there. It produces an unbelievable turquoise. We actually own a mine called Carico Lake. I know you've heard a lot about that mine. This is a map that Ernie Montoya has put together. Kind of gives you an idea of some of the mines, some of the better stones that is represented from that line are the different mines. There's some other mine or maps out there and you look at the turquoise and you really don't see the identifiable differences between them and this mine does.

This is an example of Carico Lake. That's the mine that we own over here in Lander County, Nevada but there's many mines in the state and one of them is Royston. Royston in Tonopah, Nevada, right there on the map, but it comes in a lot of variations. I can talk a little bit about that just get a good idea of what that mine is about. We have quite a bit of it at Sunwest Silver. We are a tight relationship with all many of the miners, we all kind of work together with each other. Sunwest is the biggest dealer in variety of turquoise. Royston is a good example. We probably have sometimes as much as the miners it seems like. But basically what I want to show you is a few pieces in the wealth that have been polished so you can see the different matrix that's coming from it. I mean you look at this and you will see pictures of different things, different images. It’s kind of look into the cloud. This one's got some very strong color variations and then some beautiful browns. You're going to see this thing go to a blue which is called a Royston blue and I'm going to point this particular bracelet out too because you can really see the blues coming through here not as much all of the colors or the brown matrix which is at stone but the mine produces a lot of variations to it. But it's very very well-known as for what you see in these nuggets right here. This is a piece of it and it’s rough. It's built in polish but to get an idea of what it's looking like before it's actually been put into cabs before it's been highly polished. I mean it's just a gorgeous gorgeous stone. I like to think that Carico is my favorite turquoise but this material is just fantastic and I put it up there against almost anything as well and like I said we have a lot of Native American jewelry that's made with this material at Sunwest Silver. You'll find it on our website. You'll find it in our store. You can always give us a call now and give you that information in a minute but I just want you to see a little bit of the representation. If you look at this necklace here for example you'll see it finished in a really really nice... this is Navajo jewelry, I mean I just love this necklace. But you can kind of see how it looks in the cabochon core finished in the jewelry. It's striking. I mean literally you look at this and you can see different things. Everybody see something different in this particular material. You just got to love this stuff. It's like I say it's mined in Tonopah, Nevada. You'll find it at Sunwest Silver in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have other stuff for you there as well but please check at our wholesale website, its and you will find besides the collections with Royston, you'll see a lot of Carico.You're going to see Bisbee, Sleeping Beauty... Really love to hear from you guys. If you need more information, give us a call at 505-243-3781 and we sure love to hear from you. Thank you.

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