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As Sunwest Silver Co's signature mine, Carico Lake Turquoise is part of the heart of our history at Sunwest. When it comes to turquoise, the iconic American mines are close to all of our hearts

Carico Lake Turquoise Nevada Set_Vintage
Vintage Carico Lake Turquoise, J. G. Koschtil


A long, long time ago, there was a lakebed where the Carico Lake Turquoise mine exists today, giving this classic American mine is current name, and it's reputation for producing very rare turquoise pseudomorph clams. 

Carico Lake Turquoise Psuedomorph Clams

Although the true origins of the uses or collecting the stone lie with the tribal people indigenous to the area, the modern history is pretty colorful for a dried up lakebed. 

Once western mining was established, the mine passed through the hands of American mining legends like Gus Stennich, who left the mine to JW Edgar. The mine continued to change hands and eventually came to rest with Ernest Montoya, the owner of Sunwest Silver Co.

Today, Carico Lake Turquoise is still mined by Sunwest Silver Co, and is carefully processed and crafted by skilled artisans who work to preserve the stone's natural beauty and unique character.

Due to the harsh conditions and the isolated location of the Nevada mine, Carico has a very small total yearly yield. As demand for this finite material has grown, Carico has become a rare and highly valued American Turquoise.

The owner of Sunwest Silver Co, Ernest Montoya, shares about mining and Carico Lake Turquoise here. (2017).



Nevada's Hidden Gem

Carico Lake Turquoise from Nevada is a unique and beautiful stone, prized by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike for its striking color and distinctive character.

The highest grade Carico Lake Turquoise is gem-quality American Turquoise. Hard enough to be cut naturally, the high zinc content paints the stone an astonishing lime-green color with a unique spider web matrix, creating a sought after and collectible stone.

Carico Lake Turquoise has an astonishing color palette. Ranging from highly unique electric greens to pastel sky blues; from teal to mossy, earthy greens and rarely, a nugget with both earth and sky color. 

One of the most striking features of Carico Lake Turquoise is its matrix, or the web-like pattern of veins that runs through the stone. This matrix can range from black to brown to gold, and adds a unique and distinctive character to each piece of Carico Lake Turquoise jewelry.


Carico Lake Turquoise is also valued for its hardness and durability, which makes it a popular choice for jewelry-making. Because of its natural hardness, Carico Lake Turquoise can be shaped and polished to a high shine, while still retaining its unique and striking character.

In addition to its beauty, Carico Lake Turquoise also has a rich cultural and historical significance. Turquoise has been used by Native American tribes in the region for centuries, and is highly valued in the Southwest for its spiritual and healing properties.

If you're interested in adding a piece of Carico Lake Turquoise jewelry to your collection, there are a variety of options available, from simple stud earrings to elaborate statement necklaces. Whether you're drawn to the stone's rich history, unique color and matrix, or spiritual significance, Carico Lake Turquoise is a stunning and timeless choice that is sure to make a statement.

Carico Lake Turquoise is a gem in the world of turquoise, with a unique and striking character that sets it apart from other types of turquoise. From its origins in the remote mines of Nevada to its modern-day use in jewelry-making, this beautiful stone continues to captivate and inspire us. Whether you're a jewelry enthusiast, collector, or simply appreciate the beauty and history of fine gemstones, Carico Lake Turquoise is a must-have addition to any collection.

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