Green Turquoise? Nevada!

Posted by Sunwest Silver on May 22, 2017 2:37:00 PM

Turquoise from Nevada comes in various shades of blue, blue-green, green-blue, green and yellow. Some of the turquoise may contain iron, if it does, its color is pale green to yellow-green to yellow. The material can be solid colored or contain matrix in browns, blacks or reds, and sometimes the delicate and much sought after spider-webbed matrix.

The Turquoise palette is Nature’s own, and blue and green Turquoise can sometimes be found within the same vein in Nevada mines. The blue has more copper, the green Turquoises have more iron or zinc.

Carico Lake Turquoise, Pixie, Royston and Fox Turquoise are a few examples of Nevada Turquoise mines that produce green stone ranging from the deep, soft, forest hues to vibrant, electric Lime Green Turquoise.

Blue or green Turquoise can occur in thin veins or seams or as nodules. The quality varies for either color, from hard solid material that takes a good polish, to soft porous material that must be stabilized to cut for jewelry.

Sunwest Silver Co owns five Turquoise mines in Nevada. One of our specialty collections is the Carico Lake Turquoise Collection, where you will find the full range of Nevada blue and green Turquoise, the most astonishing being the high-end lime green Turquoise from this mine.

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988 National Center Reston, VA 20192 USA

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